"In the beginning was the information. And the information was with God. And the information was God. This (information, word) was in the beginning with God." John 1,1.
The Information became flesh (in Jesus). (Joh. 1,14)
Jesus: "The truth (reality) will set you free!"

The information about the reality of Jesus Christ can give you eternal life now and heal you from every disease.
This is the power of the thruth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's not religious. It's not a dead religion. It's not a New Age teaching (i.e. David Icke and others), making things complicated and without the power of ressurrection.
It's a living person, it's God the creator himself, who became like us, so that we may became like him.
It's God, who once in human history became flesh, died, resurrected and is now the all-inclusiv live-giving spirit to those, who accept and believe him. In accepting Jesus Christ, you are saved from your fallen being and you receive a new, divine life inside you! This is the only real life which can set you really free and heal you and empower you!
It's your decision. This is the God given way to enter into the divine matrix (with modern words). If you try it without the redemption work of Jesus Christ (god becoming flesh, living a human life, vicariously dying on our place for our lack of Gods glory, resurrecting from the deads, becoming the life-giving spirit, free to receive for all, who believe in this redemption way to the heavenly father) you will miss the goal! If you receive Jesus Christ as your new eternal life, you are born again by God and in this way God becames your heavenly, loving father: by his life, not by any religion or teaching. (John 1,12). Its a matter of having the life of God or not having the life of God. He who has the son of God (Jesus), has the life. Who does not have the son, doesn't have the life.
Don't risk the only true and eternal life!
It's not a matter of just having right, no, it's a matter of death or life.
It means nothing for me to have right. I don't fight for it.
David Ickes teaching can not give you this life, it's not enough to overcome the Illuminatis programm
The illumiunatis belief (Theosophy) is even similar. They want you to be teached with New Age teaching of going collectivly into a higher matrix, higher conciousness which they make you believe will give you peace. Those illuminatis who like to lead astray you with such teachings are mainly responsible for the destruction of the earth, for wars, poverty, injustice and the "new world order". The teachings of going collectivly into a higher conciousness where humans will have peace is the other side of the "New World Order" medall. It's an illusion. They ingore the fallen nature of human being, which can not be overcome by human own force or by trying to reach a higher conciousness (matrix, evolution level)!
Modern prophets like David Icke don't know that they can be abused by "Angels of light", to prepare people for the most deadly and destructif antichristian global New World Order and his false prophet(s) to help the New World Order in the name of a illumiated humanism.
The final New World Order illusion under the Beast (Revelation 13-18) will not last long! Don't be a partaker of this illusionary and helpless highway to destruction.

You can enter into the divine blessing of sowing and reaping with a gift to help spread this word!
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