Dr. G. R. Hamer found the 5 biological laws, which he describes in his so called "German New Medicin".
Hamer is a scientific genius.
Knowing his findings is an absolut must to understand what happens during times of "illness."
Any treatment without knowing this biological laws is playing russian roulette. In former times we knew this natural laws instinctivly. But modern medicine killed all the rest of good instinct.
More on the official english Website about the descoveries of Dr. Hamer:

the bad side of Hamer

But Hamer has a rather ill political understanding.
Because he suffered a lot during the last 30 years of the persecution of many high Rabbi's he put's all Jews into the same pot.
Hamer is not able to make a difference between high religious leaders, in his case so called jewish leaders, and normal peacefull religious people. Hamer thinks, that the New Word Order criminals is a mainly jewish program. So he has fallen into the trap of the illuminatis.
Many socalled Rabbis and Jewish leaders are not real Jews, they are a dishonour to true jewish believers. Their doings classify them to be of the synagoge of satan. They only claim to be Jews, to have the protection of the anti-rassist laws. But they are not really Jews. And even if they would be, any criminal has to be punished, wether his is jewish or non jewish. (Revelation Chapt. 3, v. 9)
Hamer is false when he says that all jewish cancer patients are secretely treated according to his findings and not with the deadly chemo.
This is not true, wether in Israel nor in other countries. But in Israel there one is more aware of his findings than in other countries and partially practices according to those biological laws.
But for shure the criminal religious leaders took since long time the knowledge of Hamers findings to save themselve. But they don't care for the health of their jewish sheeps nor for the health of the rest of the world. This satanic power-hungry criminals just want's to have more power.
If you are a Jew, please confront your Rabbis with the truth about Hamers findings and why it was not told whether to you nor to the world.
Don't follow most of your religious leaders.
Like christians should not follow tho false leaders like the popes.
The papacy is responsible for millions of murdered people throughout the centuries.
You should leave such "church" organisations, if you don't want to have the blood of true Jesus believers on your hands!
The Vatican is the religious whore of babylon according to revelation 17: Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Harlots and the Abominations of the earth. 17,5.

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