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Buy high quality colloidal water from europe, not from oversea!
Here it is - our new pulsar colloidal water!
Colloidal pulsar water are very fine quality colloidal water which are up to 500-1000 times more biological efficient than you can make yourself, having the same ppm. Not the ppm makes the efficiency, but the small nano size particels compared to mere micron sized particels of selfmade colloids.

We use a exclusive high voltage (several thousand volt) AC/AC system and electric arc, to produce the colloids.
With this method even metals like gold, which does not like to be resolved by electrolysis, are vaporised by the heat of the electrical arc.
This gives the colloidal gold the typical indigo-pink color from about 1-2 ppm.

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colloidal gold water colloidal goldwater from


colloidal silver water Finest colloidal nano silverwater made with high voltage ac - methode


colloidal magnesium colloidal magnesium high quality, long shelflife, produces with hvac method


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