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Purest gold and silver electrodes to produce colloidal silverwater and colloidal goldwater. Devices to produce silver & gold colloids.
- The do-it-yourself-set.
- How to connect gold electrodes on an existing silverwater generator with no need to buy an other expensive device? ....>
How to make colloidal silver and gold water manual! [80 KB]

magnesium electrodes pure 99,95% magnesium electrodes to make colloidal magnesium


platinum electrodes platinum electrodes 99,99% pure


gold electrodes Gold electrodes again avaiable! Pure 99,99% gold, german production.


silver electrodes We sell only purest 9999 quality precious metal.


other metals pure 99.99 zinc & copper electrodes to produce yourself colloidal copper and zinc water.


Questions & guides Manuals and guides: We now have an English manual on How to make colloidal silver and gold water...


Video guides


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More on the official English Website about the discoveries of Dr. Hamer:
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