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If You want to apply correctly colloidal silver or gold yourself, you must know that the most important health information to know are the 5 biological laws found by german Dr. G.R. Hamer. This findings bring you back to the biological empiric reality.
Dr. Hamer discovered the biological code: the cancer - problem is solved, it's just a biological wise special programm which takes place in the body (organs), psyche and brain. Over 90 % of the people dying having cancer are killed by the false (official) medical treatment with chemotherapy and ray and by neglecting the exact biological processes found by Dr. Hamer, wich can be proved in a n y case by a computer tomogramm of the brain.
Dr. Hamers discoveries are also the key to understand and treat any other "illness" according to the real biological laws and programmes.
On balance: Dr. Hamer’s GNM has a success rate of 92%.
Book: factor-L Handbook of the New Medicine - The Truth about Dr. Hamer's Discoveries
More on the official english Website about the descoveries of Dr. Hamer:
Information on vaccines and phantom - viruses and what happens, if you ask the responsible institutions for proofs of viruses.
No Panic. The truth about Bird Flu, H5N1, vaccines and AIDS
Interview with proven Virolog as pdf here. [102 KB]

The other side of AIDS - film
Deconstructing the myth of AIDS - film
HIV=AIDS: Fact Or Fraud? - film

Very profound collection of information about HIV/AIDS: in german and some docs in english

much more infomation on German Websites:

They speek about the GNM and the genocid taking place by the propagation of all vaccinations wich are all higly poisoned. There is no sientific proof of any of the claimed to be "dangerous" and claimed to exist viruses. They are all phantoms. There is no scientific (neutral) study about the effectiveness and the risk in relation to the benefit of any vaccination. .....

zur Germanischen Neuen Medizin (GNM):
Die GNM ist der Code, das Krebsproblem ist entschlüsselt
und auch das aller sogenannter Krankheiten, die nicht auf Vergiftungen (Medikamente, Impfungen, etc.) oder Industriefood zurückzuführen sind.

Proofs of the genocide actually taking place:

Das neue Buch: Impfen und AIDS: der Neue Holocoaut. Die deutsche Justiz ist hierfür verantwortlich! Karl Krafeld und Stefan Lanka

The Interview of the Virologe Dr. St. Lanka about the H5N1 lie.
PDF Dokumente:
Vogelgrippe und Pandemieplanungen; Interview 11.2006 mit St. Lanka

Die Vogelgrippe - Schonzeit ist Vorbei: Die Tamiflu Giftflut rollt heran [72 KB]

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